2014, Be excellent!

2014I have waited you, I made preparations and welcomed you with joy, with champagne and hope. You are here now, be great for all Romanian, all the children, parents, grand parents, wherever they might be!

Bring us health, fulfillment, wisdom, inspiration, power of dreaming and working for the dreams to come true. Bring beautiful people into our life, to teach us how to live and how to give. Bring us challenges to conquer with courage and generosity together with our families and friends. Teach us to love and to take care of other people, to love and to take care of ourselves, to make a better world, a better future for all of us.

It seems that I’m already asking a lot from you, 2014! Be sure that I’ll give you a lot too : wishes, hope, hard work, joy, gratitude. I am so glad you came New Year, be excellent to everyone, be excellent to me too!


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