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Scarce relationship with one self is the no.1 failure cause

Statistically a poor relationship with inner self is the first cause of failure in relating with other people. Gary Chapman did express that in his book “The five languages of love”.

Why do we bother so much to relate with other people?

There is only natural for us to wish for being accepted, liked, understood, wanted by other people, to be a part of certain groups, to be popular. This is one of the fundamental human needs, a core and sound one. At this moment of the discussion the theory (mechanism) is of less importance still it is clear that we all have this state of mind. Some of the most such intense needs are lived by the teenagers, fore they are living a time where everything happens gets planetary proportions and drama accent. Being adult gives us the reinsurance that this is not the case…but we use to be adolescents too.


How can one understand and love other people when one knows not or doesn’t want to do the same for one self?! Psychologist will say that the problem of self-acceptance which was left unsolved in the teenage period will get much more complicated in the adult life and will burst later with big damage. Coach will lead on the knowingness path which has only one key: to know and own one self, understand, appreciate with honesty, without unsupported wants. Relationship with peers starts with the inner self relationship and it is a copy of it. DO YOU have a good relation with you? If so how can you take it to the next level? If not, what are you waiting for? Please tell me …so that I can help you!



By Konstantinos P. Kavafis

When you leave for Ithaca,
may your journey be long
and full of adventures and knowledge.
Do not be afraid of Laestrigones, Cyclopes
or furious Poseidon;
you won’t come across them on your way
if you don’t carry them in your soul,
if your soul does not put them in front of your steps.
I hope your road is long.
May there be many a summer morning,
and may ports for the first time seen
bring you great joy.
May you stop at Phoenician marts,
to purchase there the best of wares,
mother-of-pearl and coral, amber, ebony,
hedonic perfumes of all sorts;
may you go to various Egyptian towns
and learn from a people with so much to teach.
Don’t lose sight of Ithaca,
for that’s your destination.
But take your time;
better that the journey lasts many a year
and that your boat only drops anchor on the island
when you have grown rich
with what you learned on the way.
Don’t expect Ithaca to give you many riches.
Ithaca has already given you a fine voyage;
without Ithaca you would never have parted.
Ithaca gave you everything and can give you no more.
If in the end you think that Ithaca is poor,
don’t think that she has cheated you.
Because you have grown wise and lived an intense life,
and that’s the meaning of Ithaca.


I have bridges to build

Once upon a time there were two brothers living as neighbours, across a river. They had a quarrel over a misunderstanding which  suddenly evolved into a fight. In the end they shouted hard words to each other and stopped talking for weeks…

One morning a carpenter knocked at the eldest brother’s door, looking for work :  

– I need work for few days, said the stranger. Maybe you need small repair in your household, I might help you!

– Yes, I actually have something for you to do around, said the man. Look across the river, there’s my neighbour’s house. In fact it is my younger brother…Anyway; I need you to build me a tall fence, because I do not want to see him anymore. I am busy now and I will go, but please finish your job until my return!

And he walked away…The carpenter worked hardly all day long and just before sunset, he finished the work, while the eldest brother was coming back home.

The man could not belief his eyes, instead of a tall fence the carpenter had build a bridge across the river. Before he could open his mouth and say something to the carpenter, the youngest brother was on the bridge and hugged him:

– Dear brother, what a special man you are. After everything I’ve said and done to you, you gave me such a beautiful bridge. I am sorry; please forgive me, my brother!

And they did forgive each other with tears and a big hug.

The carpenter was ready to go away, when the man asked him:

– Please wait, don’t go, I do have other work for you next day.

– Oh, I would like to stay and help you on that, but I have so many bridges to build…

„People build too many walls and too less bridges” (Isaac Newton)



2014, Be excellent!

2014I have waited you, I made preparations and welcomed you with joy, with champagne and hope. You are here now, be great for all Romanian, all the children, parents, grand parents, wherever they might be!

Bring us health, fulfillment, wisdom, inspiration, power of dreaming and working for the dreams to come true. Bring beautiful people into our life, to teach us how to live and how to give. Bring us challenges to conquer with courage and generosity together with our families and friends. Teach us to love and to take care of other people, to love and to take care of ourselves, to make a better world, a better future for all of us.

It seems that I’m already asking a lot from you, 2014! Be sure that I’ll give you a lot too : wishes, hope, hard work, joy, gratitude. I am so glad you came New Year, be excellent to everyone, be excellent to me too!