I have bridges to build

Once upon a time there were two brothers living as neighbours, across a river. They had a quarrel over a misunderstanding which  suddenly evolved into a fight. In the end they shouted hard words to each other and stopped talking for weeks…

One morning a carpenter knocked at the eldest brother’s door, looking for work :  

– I need work for few days, said the stranger. Maybe you need small repair in your household, I might help you!

– Yes, I actually have something for you to do around, said the man. Look across the river, there’s my neighbour’s house. In fact it is my younger brother…Anyway; I need you to build me a tall fence, because I do not want to see him anymore. I am busy now and I will go, but please finish your job until my return!

And he walked away…The carpenter worked hardly all day long and just before sunset, he finished the work, while the eldest brother was coming back home.

The man could not belief his eyes, instead of a tall fence the carpenter had build a bridge across the river. Before he could open his mouth and say something to the carpenter, the youngest brother was on the bridge and hugged him:

– Dear brother, what a special man you are. After everything I’ve said and done to you, you gave me such a beautiful bridge. I am sorry; please forgive me, my brother!

And they did forgive each other with tears and a big hug.

The carpenter was ready to go away, when the man asked him:

– Please wait, don’t go, I do have other work for you next day.

– Oh, I would like to stay and help you on that, but I have so many bridges to build…

„People build too many walls and too less bridges” (Isaac Newton)



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